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Everything you want to know about Noyanlar Estates
We are here to help you find your dream property

Over 40 years of experience

Since its establishment our company has progressed in many fields. With over 40 years of experience Noyanlar Group of Companies has professionalized in every aspect related to estate

Extensive services

We provide a variety of pre-sale and after-sale services to ensure our customers a peace of mind

Commitment and Satisfaction

Noyanlar Group is commited to the satisfaction of our customers. We aim to provide our customers with a pleasant experience during the purchase and development phases and meet all their needs


You may find a wide range of housings, flats, bungalows and lands for sale in North Cyprus

We have prepared a cozy place for you.

Noyanlar Group of Companies is not only involved in construction and the development of projects. We have also gained a reputation in professional and effective property counselling and the wide range of related services that we provide.

We provide a wide range of properties for sale and rent with competitive prices in North Cyprus.

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Özder Özbulut

Real Estate Consultant

Emil Bayramlı

Real Estate Consultant

Derviş Rıza